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    The information on this page will guide you through the process of obtaining approvals for a new business in Westlock.

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    Your location in town determines what approvals are required before you can operate your business.  We recommend that you contact Planning & Development early on in your business planning process to make sure that your target location is an option for your type of business.

    Storefront location

    If your business will operate from a brick-and-mortar location in Westlock, the Town will review your proposed location and determine what approvals are required to operate legally and safely. These include:

    • Development Permit: A development permit for a new business could be required when:
      1. a business is moving into a new space and will operate differently from the previous business (change of use)
      2. it's the first business to occupy a space or a new building is being built to house the new business
    • Building Permit: A building permit for a new business is required when:
      1. a business is moving into a new space and will operate differently from the previous business (change of use)
      2. it's the first business to occupy a space or a new building is being built to house the new business
      3. structural renovations are required to house the new business (ie. removing or adding walls, etc.)
    • Business License: All businesses operating within the Town of Westlock require a business license.

    Home-based location

    If your business will operate from your home, a Development Permit, as well as a Business License, is required.   More information about this process can be found on our Home-Based Business page.

    Based out of town

    If your business will be based out of Town limits, but your will be conducting business within Westlock, your business is considered to be a Non-Resident Business.

    No permits are required, however, a Business License is still needed prior to doing business in Westlock.


    Mobile businesses, such as food trucks, do not require any permits.  However, a Hawker/Peddler business license is required prior to doing business within Town limits. 

    When operating your business around Town, you must have permission from the property owner of the land you are on and must follow all applicable bylaws and traffic rules.

    Submit an application for each permit, along with other relevant documents, to Planning & Development Services (contact info below).

    1 - Determine which applications you need.
    (See What permits do I need, above). You can then download checklists and forms (below) and complete them.

    NOTE: Development and Building Permits must be applied for and approved prior to safety codes permit applications.  We recommend applying for Development and Building Permits concurrently.

    Development Permits & Checklists

    Non-Residential Development Permit Application Package

    Building Permits & Checklists

    Building Permit Application Form

    Business License Application

    Business License Application Form

    2 - Have drawings ready:

    • Site Plan – dimensioned, showing the location of business on-site, available parking (number and size of stalls labelled)
    • Floor Plan – dimensioned, showing the use of rooms inside

    3 – Apply with all the required documentation. 

    Application methods:

    In-Person or by Mail to:

    Planning & Development Services
    Town of Westlock
    10003-106 Street
    Westlock, AB  T7P 2K3

     Email to: planning@westlock.ca 

    Payment methods:
    After your application is received and processed, you will be notified by email or phone of the application fee(s). See our Fee Schedule for our current permit fees.


    • Credit card (Visa or MasterCard)
    • E-transfer to finance@westlock.ca (please include "Permit" or "License" in the Notes field)


    • Debit
    • Cash
    • Cheque
    • Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard or Amex)

    Mail payment:

    • Cheque

    What if I am not the property owner?

    If you are not the owner of the property, then you must get the owner's consent to apply for any permits.  The Town accepts the following forms of owner authorization:

    • Signature on Development Permit application
    • Letter of consent from Property Owner

    How long will it take to obtain my permits?

    Timelines vary based on the type of application as well as our current application volumes.   Give yourself as much time as possible to complete the permit process prior to your preferred construction start date in case of any complications or revisions required.

    All businesses operating within the Town of Westlock are required to obtain a Business License as per Bylaw 2015-09. This also includes businesses that are not from Westlock but performing work within Westlock. Business Licenses are valid for the calendar year (January 1 – December 31) and must be renewed yearly.

    Along with the purchase of a Business License, your business will be advertised in our local print business directory and on the Town of Westlock website Business Directory.


     Resident Business License


     Non-Resident Business License

     $200.00/year or $50.00/day

     Hawker/Peddler License

     $100.00/year or $35.00/day

     Event/Festival License