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    The Town of Westlock is refreshing its Municipal Development Plan (MDP).  This project will help the Town discover what's next for Westlock and its next 20 years.

    The MDP is the Town's long-range planning document that sets the vision for the Town and guides its development over a 20 year period.  Every municipality in Alberta is required to adopt an MDP under the Municipal Government Act (MGA).  A MDP provides direction on a number of topics including future land use and growth patterns, infrastructure and servicing, housing, economic development, and environmental concerns.  This plan helps Council to make decisions on future projects and investment.

    The MDP was adopted in 2015.  Since that date, the Town has undergone changes in its demographics and economic position.  The intent of the refresh is to ensure that the MDP reflects the changing needs of the community in order to maintain a high quality of life for current and future residents.  The refresh will also allow the Town to utilize recent plans and studies as well as reflect key trends and best practices.

    The project will be completed in 5 stages, starting with Stage 1 - Project Launch & Background.

    Over the course of this project, we'll be asking residents, businesses, and stakeholders to participate and share their ideas on what's next for Westlock.  To start, anyone interested in this project is encouraged to sign up for project updates through the link below and learn more about what an MDP is by watching the short video we've created.

    Sign up for MDP Refresh Project Updates.