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    Curbside Roundup
    Electronics and Household Hazardous Waste

    Curbside Roundup

    The Town of Westlock teamed up with  Alberta Recycling Management Authority to provide residents with a curbside electronics and household hazardous waste roundup. 

    Thanks to everyone for participating in the two-day event held on June 1 & 2, 2022.

    Paint collection results: 

    • 1,345 aerosol cans 
    • 3,320 gallons of paint

    Tire collection results:  

    • 115 tires

    Electronics collection results:

    • Three sea cans were utilized, each loaded with approximately three hundred electronic items 

    Used oil materials collection results:

    • 3,100 litres of used oil 
    • 910 oil containers 
    • 87 oil filters 
    • one drum of antifreeze

    Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection results:

    • four full 1M3 bins of HHW 
    • 1,190 aerosol cans 
    • 49 propane tanks (various sizes)

    Alberta Recycling Management Authority
    PO Box 189 Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2J1
    Local: 780-990-1111
    Toll-free: 1-888-999-8762

    Acceptable Materials



    • Lawn and Garden tools/equipment
    • Solar Panels
    • Small Appliances
    • A/V Systems
    • Electronic Game Systems
    • Electronic Musical Instruments
    • Power Tools
    • Telecom



    Used Oil Materials

    Household Hazardous Waste


    • Corrosive - can eat away at surfaces, even skin
    • Batteries, drain cleaners and oven cleaners
    • Flammable - burns or ignites easily
    • Paints, oils and BBQ starters
    • Explosive - can explode when mixed with other chemicals or react under pressure or heat
    • Aerosols and propane tanks
    • Toxic/Poison - can be poisonous or lethal to living organisms, even in small quantities
    • Bleach cleaning fluids and pesticides

    More details are available at the Alberta Recycling Management Authority.

    Large Item Pick Up

    The 2022 Large Item Pick Up event is happening on September 7 and 8.

    Did You Know?

    The Large Item Pick Up event of September 8, 2021, a great success.

    27.5 metric tonnes of garbage | 92 mattresses | 2.09 tonnes of metal | approximately seven garbage truck loads

    What do you need to know?

    • This program is only available to residents of the Town of Westlock.
    • Ensure all large items are placed on your curb before 7 a.m. on September 8. Ensure each piece is visible and accessible for the pick up event. Houses with back alleys must put large items out at the front of your property for collection. 
    • Provide enough space between your carts/bags, and the large items to allow for collection. Minimum of one (1) metre (three feet) distance from all obstacles. 
    • Items with fuel or oil tanks like barbecues,  and lawnmowers must have fuel or oil tanks drained,
      or they will not be collected.
    • During this large item pick up event keep items that are not to be collected (basketball nets, bikes, wheelbarrows etc.) away from the end of your driveway so they are not accidentally picked up. Or, place a note on those items that you do want to be picked up to avoid any confusion and errors.
    • For this pick up event, there will be 4 trucks, each designated with specific items going from house to house. Do not worry if a truck shows up and only takes a few items as the other trucks will pick up the items.
    • In the event something is missed, contact the Town of Westlock at 780-349-4444 to be placed on a notification list for GFL to return the following week to pick up.


    • mattresses
    • refrigerators/freezers/air conditioners
      (anything with freon)
    • microwaves
    • lumber
      (must be broken down and not in panels)
    • all metal items
      (bbq, lawnmower, washer/dryer)
    • branches
      (must be under 6 feet in length)
    • Railway ties
      (must be under 6 feet in length)
    • satellite dishes (smaller modern-type dish)
    • individual items must weigh under 200 lbs

    Not Acceptable

    • electronics
    • tires
    • propane tanks
    • paint cans
    • oil jugs
    • satellite dishes (large older-type dish)
    • individual items weighing over 200 lbs
    • hazardous waste

    For more information about the Large Item Pick Up event, contact us at 780-349-4444.