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    Explore Westlock's Growth Incentives

    A home in Westlock is more than a place to live, it's a place where you can nurture your dreams.  With generous incentives for new homeowners, rental suite developments, and prime lots coming soon, Westlock is the perfect place to start your next chapter.

    The New Home Incentive

    Build your dream home in Westlock with a $15,000 grant per unit, available for up to four units per parcel.  This offer is designed to help you lay down roots in a community that values your vision and supports your growth.

    Additionally, you can benefit from a one-time tax cancellation of up to $5,000 per unit for the year following the occupancy of your new home.  To facilitate your building process, pre-approved plans will be available soon for licensing with a one-time fee.

    Applications are now open for the New Home grant.  The 2024 application window closes Friday, June 28.  Funding is limited, and applications may be accepted after the initial application window depending on funding availability.

    New Home Grant Application Package

    The Rental Suite Incentive

    Expand your property with our $10,000 grant for new basement, garage, or garden suites, with one suite allowed per property. Pre-approved construction plans will be available soon for licensing for garage and garden suites, ensuring a smooth and efficient building process.

    Applications are now open for the Suite grant. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until the 2024 funding as been allocated.

    Suite Grant Application Package

    The Southview Subdivision - Coming Fall 2024

    Explore the opportunity to develop in the Southview neighbourhood, where 10 single-family lots will be available in Fall 2024.  These lots, approximately 55 feet wide and 124 to 132 feet deep, offer an ideal location within walking distance of the hospital, parks, amenities, community garden, and a K-12 school.  Lot prices are to be determined pending a market appraisal.

    Contractor purchase and build agreements will be available for builders.

    Why Choose Westlock?

    Westlock stands out as a prime location for new development thanks to its strategic advantages and supportive community.  The town offers a unique blend of low vacancy rates and limited lot inventory, which creates a high demand for new housing projects.  Coupled with a strong rental market and the availability of generous local, provincial, and federal incentives, Westlock provides a cost-effective and appealing environment for homeowners and developers alike.  So, why should you choose Westlock?

    • Low vacancy rates and limited lot inventory make Westlock an attractive option for new developments.  The existing housing inventory is aging, and the rental market is strong, making Suites a great affordable option.
    • Local incentives can be stacked with provincial and federal incentives, such as the $10,000 tax refund for first-time homebuyers.  Although backdating for work already completed is not allowed, you can still be eligible for grants if your inspections haven't been completed.
    • Building prices in Westlock are comparable to urban centres, making it a cost-effective choice.
    • All lots will be serviced and ready for development, and non-permitted suites can be brought up to code with available incentives.

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