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    Winter Road Maintenance

    We thank all residents for respecting our snow removal bylaw and snow removal guidelines (Bylaw 2012-08 and Policy No. P-20-2007).

    • A single event of loose snowfall greater than 150 mm
    • A total compacted accumulation depth of snow 150 mm or greater

    Our snow clearing operation follows the Snow Removal Policy. Snow clearing in residential zones starts only after priority areas have been completed.

    Priority 1: Emergency routes and access points

    Priority 2: Downtown and Town managed parking lots

    Priority 3: Collector roads

    Priority 4: Residential roads

    Snow Clearing Priority Map (Download)

    Upon completion of the priority clearing, the Operations department will begin snow removal in laneways.

    In the event of additional snowfall, snow removal crews will return to priority routes.

    Snow removal schedules and plans are subject to change without notice due to shifting weather patterns and mechanical performance. Any changes will be posted to the Town website and Facebook page.

    • Snow Day Removal Operation Signs will normally be posted a minimum of 24-hours prior to a particular area being cleaned.
    • Snow Day Removal sign placement, location, date and time will be recorded by the Operations department. Sign removal date and time will also be recorded by Operations.
    • Snow Day Removal Notices will be posted to the Town website and Facebook page.

    If we all work together each snow season, we ensure our residents are able to access amenities and necessities.

    • Clearing sidewalks in front of residences and businesses within 24-hours after the snowfall event.
    • Keeping public sidewalks and highways clear of obstructions (snow, ice, dirt, etc.). You can file a bylaw complaint at www.westlock.ca if a sidewalk has not been cleared within 24-hours of the snowfall.
    • Following instructions on snow removal signs when posted on residential roadways. Remember: When No Parking signs are posted on snow route zones all vehicles must be removed off the roadway by 12:00 a.m. until the snow removal operation is completed.

    If you have any questions, contact Operations at 780-349-3740 or for after-hours call 780-349-0178.

    We are responsible for the repair and maintenance of all streets, sidewalks, lanes and trails within Town limits, except Highway 18 and Highway 44, which Alberta Transportation maintains.

    We are committed to ensuring that roads, residential streets, sidewalks, lanes and trails are safe for vehicles and pedestrians. We assess all concerns and perform repairs on a priority basis.

    Please obey all posted street signs and traffic control measures when you see our crews working on or near any roadways. These measures protect staff and ensure work is completed quickly and safely. We will give advance notice for specific construction projects to businesses and residents to minimize any service disruptions.

    The quick repair of potholes, tripping hazards and signs is a high priority. Please contact 780-349-0237 during business hours, Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. or call 780-349-0178 for help after-hours.

    You can submit a report or a bylaw complaint online by completing the forms located at bylaw complaints or report a problem.

    Asphalt repairs are completed throughout the spring and summer. We conduct visual inspections regularly, and problem areas are prioritized based on severity.

    Reporting a pothole is very helpful and we encourage residents to let us know by the location through our online service request.

    Staff regularly inspect back lanes, and problem areas are addressed on a priority basis.

    We conduct visual inspections regularly, and problem areas are prioritized based on severity. Any hazardous sidewalks and tripping hazards brought to our attention will be investigated, and repairs are conducted on a priority basis.

    Residential street sweeping occurs every spring and takes approximately four weeks to complete.

    All street cleaning activities are coordinated in conjunction with our waste collection service provider and will not affect regular pick-up days.

    Watch for signs in your neighbourhood. No parking signs are placed in residential subdivisions before the work starts. Do not park on the street and move any parked vehicles or trailers during the posted times.

    Remove driveway gutter ramps and other on-street obstructions (basketball nets, waste collection carts, etc.)

    View or download Traffic Bylaw 2015-05

    Damaged trail sections will be maintained or repaired throughout the summer.  

    Dandelions are targeted in the spring in local parks, greenbelts and sports fields as required. Thistle and other noxious and prohibited noxious weeds are targeted in July and August throughout the town. Parks and Open Spaces monitors and treats weed infestations throughout the season.

    Residents are responsible for controlling noxious weeds on their property, adjacent boulevards, and behind their back fence adjacent to their lane, if applicable.

    View or download our Community Standards Bylaw 2013-08 

    View or download the Alberta Noxious Weed Identification Guide