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    Community Economic Development Committee

    The Westlock Community Economic Development Committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

    Community Events Committee

    The Community Events Committee advises and actively participates in the coordination and promotion of community events that showcase the Town of Westlock.  Committee meetings are held quarterly.  For more information on the Committee click here.

    Emergency Social Services (ESS)

    Emergency Social Services (ESS) is a community-based emergency response program. ESS are those services required to preserve the well-being of people affected by an emergency or disaster. The goal of ESS is to help people begin to re-establish themselves as quickly as possible after a disaster.


    Municipal Planning Commission Board

    The purpose of the Municipal Planning Commission Board is to review proposed developments of discretionary use or a permitted use with variance. If necessary the board will make recommendations to Council. Meetings are scheduled monthly.

    Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

    The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board hears appeals of development and subdivision applications. Formal training is provided. Meetings are scheduled as required.


    Town of Westlock Municipal Library Board

    The Westlock Municipal Library provides input regarding operations of the library.


    Applying for a Board or Committee

    Currently the Town is not looking for volunteers for Boards or Committees, however should you want to be a member of one of the above boards or committees please follow these steps:
    • Please submit a letter with the following information:
      1. Complete contact details, including place of residence. (This is required for those positions that are for non Town of Westlock residents)
      2. Description of why applicant is interested in the Committee position.
      3. The skills and knowledge the applicant brings to the Committee.
    Please submit your letter to:
    Town of Westlock
    10003-106 Street
    Westlock, Alberta  T7P 2K3
    For the full Recruitment and Selection to Council Committees Policy click here.