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    Westlock Town Council 

    back row (l to r): Councillor L. Morie, Councillor R. Wold, Councillor C. Snell, Councillor M. Jamaly. front row (l to r): Councillor J. Kramer, Mayor R. Leriger, Councillor A. Keyes.

    Council contact information


    Mayor: vacant

    Acting Mayor
    Email: Councillor Murtaza Jamaly / Phone: 780-716-6878

    Email: Councillor Abby Keyes / Phone: 780-307-7780

    Councillor: vacant

    Email: Councillor Laura Morie / Phone : 780-349-1960

    Email: Councillor Curtis Snell / Phone: 780-349-6430

    Email: Councillor Randy Wold / Phone: 780-307-2603

    2020-2030 Strategic Plan 

    We have adopted a new strategic plan to inform our business plans and decisions. This document provides goals, desired outcomes, and success measures to guide our path as we move forward. We are proud to share our 2020-2030 Strategic Plan, which you can view or download at the bottom of this page.

    In the Fall of 2020, we launched a short survey to ask residents, local businesses, and community partners three questions to base our goals on. Survey responses are included at the bottom of this page for viewing or downloading.

    Question 1:  What do you love most about the Town of Westlock? Why do you choose to live here?

    Questions 2:  Please share three (3) things you feel the Town of Westlock can do that would improve your quality of life.

    Question 3:  What program or service currently provided by the Town of Westlock makes the biggest positive impact for you personally?

    The survey results identified goals and those services, facilities and amenities that matter most to our community.

    • Community Development
      GOAL: Westlock is a municipal leader in community resiliency and prosperity.
    • Relationships
       GOAL: Our reputation for excellence in providing great governance and a commitment to community is widely recognized.
    • Community Infrastructure
      GOAL: The Town of Westlock asset management plan is the foundation of infrastructure investment decision making.
    • Health Care
      GOAL: Westlock is a Health Service Centre of Excellence.
    • Recreation
      GOAL: We are a regional destination of choice for recreational amenities.

     Westlock is a Community with Spirit!


    Town of Westlock Strategic Plan Goal Statements