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    Westlock Elementary School

    Kindergarten to Grade 6

    Pembina Hills School Division  (Public School)

    www.pembinahills.ca (French Immersion available)

    10515-106A Street Westlock, Alberta T7P 2E7

    Phone: 780-349-3385


    R.F. Staples Secondary School

    Grade 7-12

    Pembina Hills School Division  (Public School)

    www.pembinahills.ca (French Immersion available)

    10015-104 Street Westlock, Alberta T7P 1T8

    Phone: 780-349-4454


    Saint Mary School

    Kindergarten to Grade 12

    Evergreen Catholic School Division

    9616-97 Street Westlock, Alberta T7P 2G2

    Phone: 780-349-3644


    Religious Organizations

    The Town of Westlock offers a large variety of Churches and Religious Organizations which are noted below in alphabetical order.

    Church of Nazarene

    103 Street & 105 Avenue, Westlock

    Phone: 780-349-4374

    Pastor Rick Burk

    Email: Church of Nazarene

    website: Church of Nazarene website

    Jehovah’s Witnesses

    11051 – 103A Street, Westlock

    phone: 780-349-8776

    Life Connexion

    10354 – 115 Avenue, Westlock

    Phone: 780-307-3177

    Contact:  Dr. Bryan Logan or Rev. Avis Logan

    E-mail: lifeconnexion@yahoo.com

    website: www.lifeconnexion.ca 

    Roman Catholic Church

    St. Mary’s- Westlock

    Smithfield Lodge & Pembina Lodge

    10020 – 100 Avenue, Westlock

    Fr. Sabinnus Iwu 

    Phone: 780-349-4373

    St. Philip’s Anglican Church

    9843 – 105 Street, Westlock

    Phone: 780-349-3483

    Seventh Day Adventist

    10508 – 100 Avenue, Westlock

    Pastor Kevin Chung 

    Phone: 780-967-2002 

    Trinity Lutheran Church

    10214 – 102 Avenue, Westlock

    Phone: 780-349-5380

    Fax: 780-349-3638

    E-mail: Trinity Lutheran Church

    Westlock Alliance Church

    9607 – 100 Street, Westlock

    Phone: 780-0349-4554

    Fax: 780-349-5767

    E-mail: Westlock Alliance Church

    Westlock Baptist Church

    10736 – 101 Street, Westlock

    Phone: 780-349-3728

    Westlock Community Church of Christ

    11331 - 100 Street,  Westlock

    Phone: 780-349-5766

    Email: Westlock Community Church of Christ

    Westlock Gospel Chapel

    10227 – 97 Street, Westlock

    Phone: 780-349-4555 (church)

    E-mail: Westlock Gospel Chapel

    Westlock Pastoral Charge United Church

    10607 – 100 Avenue, Westlock

    Open Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

     World Wide Church of God

    10520 – 103 Street, Westlock

    Phone: 780-349-6345

    Youth for Christ

    10612 – 102 Street, Westlock

    Phone: 780-349-6464


    Reasons to Retire in Westlock

    A small community offers a safe and friendly environment for you to live your retirement dreams. Westlock has above-standard healthcare services, retail, recreational and volunteer opportunities for you to enjoy an active retirement.

    10 Reasons to Retire in Westlock:

    1. Location –50 minutes to the City of Edmonton, 1 hour and 40 minutes to the Edmonton International Airport, 1 hour and 16 minutes to the University Hospital, Cross Cancer Clinic, 1 hour and eleven minutes to Rexall Place, and 25 minutes to lakes and camping.
    2. Healthcare – Westlock Healthcare Centre is an accredited hospital consisting of 46 acute care beds with additional services offered including continuing care, emergency, laboratory, pharmacy, renal dialysis, rehabilitation, ultrasound, X-Ray, CT Scan and MRI. 2 Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1 Anesthesiologist www.albertahealthservices.ca. 2 Medical Clinics – 12 doctors, Denture Clinic, Chiropractor, Optometrist and Dental Clinics.
    3. Housing – Homeland Housing provides, safe, affordable housing for seniors which promotes a healthy independent and enjoyable lifestyle Visit www.homelandhousing.ca.
    4. Recreation – We are well equipped with facilities including the Westlock Aquatic Centre, Mountie Park and the newly opened Westlock Rotary Spirit Centre, 10.2 kms of walking trail around the Town of Westlock, 18 hole golf course just outside of town, Tawatinaw Valley Ski facility and much more.
    5. Sense of Belonging – Westlock is a friendly, small town that provides the security that comes from living in a community that cares for each other and reaches out to its neighbours.
    6. Entertainment – The Golden Age Drop-In Centre is a gathering for cards, darts or just socializing. C.A.T.S., Rotary Dinner Theatre, Friday night suppers and dance at the Royal Canadian Legion, Pioneer Museum, Canadian Tractor Museum and much more.
    7. Education – Adult learning courses including professional development, just-for-fun courses, general interest, water and fitness classes. www.westlocklearn.ca
    8. Transportation – The Community Bus provides transportation around town for seniors and disabled persons.
    9. Protective Services – R.C.M.P. Detachment, Municipal Enforcement, a well-equipped fire department, Citizens on Patrol program and A.L.S. Ambulance Service.
    10. Community Spirit – Get involved in community activities and take a leadership role in many initiatives. There are also many local programs, activities and support services for seniors.

    For a complete retirement information package call 780-349-4444 or email us at info@westlock.ca

     You can also write to us at:

    Economic Development
    Town of Westlock
    10003 – 106 Street
    Westlock, AB  T7P 2K3