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    A development permit is needed for most new construction, renovations, new businesses or any time there is a change in the way land is used or the intensity of use.  Obtaining a development permit provides assurance that your development is following the Land Use Bylaw. It considers the impact the development will have on surrounding properties and allows for the approval of the location, size and use of a building. 
    The Land Use Bylaw, adopted by Town Council in accordance with the Municipal Government Act, outlines the circumstances where permits are required and the process to be followed in applying for, and approval of, development permits.
    A development permit may be required for, but is not limited to:
    • Constructing, renovating or expanding a building
    • Building or replacing a deck or shed
    • Opening, expanding or relocating a business (may include home-based business)
    • Placing temporary signage on any property or installing or replacing permanent signage
    • Removal of topsoil, excavation or stockpiling
    • Secondary Suites Building a fence where a variance from the regulations is requested
    • Placing a manufactured home or modular structure on any property
    • Placing a seacan or fabric garage on a property
    • Outdoor storage
    • Parking trailers, bunkhouses, portable dwellings, skid shacks, etc. on any property
    • Temporary uses or temporary buildings
    Some exceptions apply. Please contact the Planning & Development Department well in advance of commencing your proposed development, as the timelines for approval are subject to regulations and legislated processes that may otherwise delay your project.

    Permit application forms are available below, in person at the Town Office or can be obtained by contacting Planning & Development at 780-349-4444 or planning@westlock.ca

    Residential Development Permit Application Package

    Non-Residential Development Permit Application Package

    Sign Development Permit Application Package

    Home Business Development Permit Application Package

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