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    We are committed to increasing residents' participation in our community's social, cultural, and recreational activities. Our new Recreation Assistance Program is a step in that direction. 

    Modest income residents and families can submit one application to Westlock & District FCSS to determine if they qualify for a 25% or 50% discount on many community programs and services.

    • Westlock Rotary Spirit Centre
    • Westlock Aquatic Centre
    • Summer Programing
    • Community Assistance Bus

    Eligibility requirements

    • Assessment
      • Westlock & District FCSS staff will determine eligibility on a sliding scale depending on household members and income.

    • Income
      • Proof of household income is required, such as a CRA Notice of Assessment or others as deemed appropriate.

    • Residency
      • Individuals must prove their residency within the Westlock region and service area and have resided there for a minimum of 3 months.

    How to apply

    Book an appointment with Westlock & District FCSS by calling 780-349-5900

    Bring the following documents to the appointment:

    • Valid identification
    • Proof of residency
    • Most recent tax return

    Once approved, you will be entered into the system and can access your discount our Town facilities.

    Verified Income Scale

    Size of Family Unit
    Level 1
    50% Reduction
    Level 2
    25% Reduction
    one person$0 to $20,220
    $20,221 to $26,426
    two people$0 to $26,023
    $26,024 to $32,898
    three people$0 to $31,010
    $31,011 to $40,444
    four people$0 to $36,325
    $36,326 to $49,106
    five people$0 to $41,957
    $41,958 to $55,694
    six people$0 to $48,714
    $48,715 to $62,814
    seven people$0 to $55,834
    $55,835 to $69,934
    If more than seven people, for each additional person, add