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  • Candidate Eligibility

    Applicants to the program must meet all candidate eligibility criteria before applying for the job posting. 

    Candidates must:

    • Have a minimum of 12 months of full-time work experience in the last 18 months (in Canada or abroad)
    • Speak English proficiently and pass a fluency test
    • Have completed a minimum of high school education (equivalent to Canadian standard)
    • Demonstrate sufficient funds to support themselves and their family 

    Applicants that meet the criteria must apply for a job directly to the employer.  Eligible employers with vacant positions will be posted below once approved.

     Job Offers & Endorsement

    Once a candidate receives a job offer, the employer will give a copy of the job offer to the Town of Westlock to issue a letter of endorsement.  

     AAIP requires that job offers are signed by the employer and employee and must state that the position offers:

    • Continuous, paid work in the Town of Westlock
    • Full-time work for 12 months or more
    • Wages and benefits that meet or exceed the lowest starting wage for your occupation

    To be endorsed by the Town of Westlock, candidates must have:

    • A job offer of employment contract from an approved employee for an approved job signed by both parties - the offer or contract must be provided to the Town by the employer directly;
    • A valid Canadian work permit; and
    • Evidence that they have housing in the Town of Westlock or will have on arrival.

    AAIP Nomination

    Once a candidate receives a job offer and is endorsed by the municipality, they can submit an application & all required documentation through the AAIP Online Portal.  There is a non-refundable application fee for this stream. Click here to see what to do after you are nominated.

    Please note that due to the higher than expected application volumes, applications may take a minimum of 30 days to be reviewed and approved.

    Job Opportunities - Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

    If all eligibility requirements are met, candidates may apply for available postings. Applications should be made directly to the employer outlined in the posting. Candidates are encouraged to review job postings carefully to ensure they meet the requirements for available positions, as well as the eligibility requirements for the Rural Renewal stream.   

    Job postings can be found by contacting the participating employer's directly:  

    Employer NameEmployer Contact Information

    Boston Pizza Westlock

    Not accepting applications at this time.
    Husky Tags Gas Bar & Convenient Store/Carwash/Quiznos

    Not accepting applications at this time. 

    Tim Hortons

    11307 – 100 St. Westlock, Alberta T7P 2R8

    Contact: Bryant DeMesa

    Email: th2212@outlook.com

    Website: timhortons.com

    WPH Restaurant Inc. (Pizza Hut)101B, 10211 -100 St. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 2G5

    Contact: Navjeen Kaberwal

    Email: navjeen@optimumglobal.info

    Telephone: 780-236-5127

    Website: pizzahut.ca 

    Westlock Child Care Society10804 - 101 St. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 1H5

    Contact: Christine Villeneuve

    Email: child123@telus.net

    Telephone: 780-349-4999

    Website: westlockchildcare.com

    Esso Westlock10248 - 100 St. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 2G6

    Contact: Navjeen Kaberwal

    Email: navjeen@optimumglobal.info

    Telephone: 780-236-5127
    Husky Westlock11007 104 Ave. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 1B2

    Contact: Rohit Dhawan

    Email: yashdhawan678@gmail.com

    Telephone: 780-728-6064
    Sobeys Westlock
    Not accepting applications at this time.

    Dairy Queen #2744910120 104 Ave. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 2H6

    Contact: David Truckey

    Email: david.dqwestlock@gmail.com

    Telephone: 780-307-9991

    Website: www.dq.com
    Apollo Pizza10915 104 St. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 1B3

    Contact: David Truckey

    Email: david.apollo72@gmail.com

    Telephone: 780-349-3888

    Website: www.apollopizzawestlock.ca

    The Brick Westlock

    Not accepting applications at this time.

    Mobil Mart 3825

    Not accepting applications at this time.

    WJS Canada

    Website: www.wjscanada.com

    A&W Westlock

    Not accepting applications at this time.
    Ramzi's Burger & Pizza
    Not accepting applications at this time.

    All Stay Suites10520 100 St. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 2C6

    Contact: Farhan Ali

    Email: farhan@hospitalityadvisers.com

    Telephone: 780-916-3491

    Westlock Bottle Depot

    Not accepting applications at this time. 
    Precision Design and Manufacturing Inc.9024 100 St. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 2L4

    Contact: Connie Thomsen

    Email: conniet@precisioncanada.com

    Telephone: 780-349-4933
    Top Shelf Liquor11, 10404 100 St. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 2G7

    Contact: Ranu Chawla

    Email: ranuchawla@hotmail.com

    Telephone: 780-915-3107
    Total Plumbing and Heating Ltd.9855 107 St. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 1R9

    Contact: Darren Broesky

    Email: totalplumbingalberta@gmail.com
    Alpine Infotech10030 106 St. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 2K4

    Contact: Jaspinder Dhillon

    Email: management@alpineinfo.com

    Telephone: 780-287-8141
    Tru Hardware9948 107 St. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 2K6

    Contact: Yunus Kika

    Email: yuniskika@gmail.com

    Telephone: 587-985-1579
    KFC Westlock2, 10115 104 Ave. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 1K6

    Contact: Aileen Astudillo

    Email: aileen.astudillo@blco.ca

    Telephone: 403-629-5460


    Not accepting applications at this time.
    Westlock Taxi Inc.
    Not accepting applications at this time.

    Shoppers Drug Mart #234110015 107 St. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 2K7

    Contact: Neire Monteiro

    Email: asdm2341@shoppersdrugmart.ca

    Telephone: 780-349-3388

    Website: www.shoppersdrugmart.ca
    Restaurex Corporation (Subway)B, 10211 100 St. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 2G5

    Contact: Navjeen Kaberwal

    Email: navjeen@optimumglobal.info

    Telephone: 780-468-3331
    Canus Advisors Ltd.202, 10619 100 Ave. Westlock, Alberta  T7P 2J4

    Contact: Samar Anjum

    Email: samaranjum@live.com

    Telephone: 780-660-5149

    Website: www.canus.world
    Engel's Independent Grocers10851 100 St. Westlock, AB  T7P 2R5

    Contact: Don Engel

    Email: mon07144@loblaw.ca

    Telephone: 780-349-7040

    Black Diamond Concrete Finishing Ltd.

    Not accepting applications at this time.
    Cybercore Solutions
    102, 10004 107 St. Westlock, AB  T7P 2K8

    Contact: Jagmeet Brar

    Email: cybercoresolutions@outlook.com

    Telephone: 825-736-6660

    Website: cybercoresolutions.ca
    Wabash MFG. Inc
    9312 110A St. Westlock, AB  T7P 2M4

    Contact: Allyson Sauve

    Email: allysons@wabash.ca

    Telephone: 780-349-4282

    Website: wabash.ca
    Your Dollar Store With More
    Unit 1, 10211 100 St. Westlock, AB  T7P 2G5

    Contact: Kushalkumar Parikh

    Email: vishalvaghani90@gmail.com

    Telephone: 306-999-5669
    Ed's Auto Salvage Inc.
    11040 93 Ave. Westlock, AB  T7P 2N2

    Contact: Lisa Boulerice

    Email: lisa@edsautosalvage.com

    Telephone: 780-349-4691

    Website: www.edsautosalavage.com


    Newcomer Supports & Services

    Town of Westlock is committed to providing newcomers with access to the information and support they need to prosper in Canada.  Local, provincial, and federal resources will be used to ease the transition to our community.

     Local Resources 

    • We are currently pursuing partnerships and agreements with local support services to determine roles & responsibilities for newcomer support. 

    Provincial Resources

    Federal Resources