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    The following is a list of candidates who have submitted their nomination papers to date. The list of candidates is subject to change. The nomination period closed at noon on September 20, 2021.

    Mayoral Candidates

    Leriger, Ralph - Acclaimed

    Ralph Leriger was born and raised in Westlock. He and his wife MaryAnne have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. Ralph had a 36-year career with TransAlta as a Power lineman, a business consultant and the Manager of communications, public consultation, and community relations. He has served 2 terms as Westlock’s Mayor and is passionate about his community.  

    He is committed to great governance, strategic thinking and investing in people.  He often says “during the time when I grew up in Westlock we had nothing but opportunity and support. I enjoy having the chance to give back and repay that kindness. “  

    Councillor Candidates

    Cloutier, Chad

    I have lived and worked in Westlock my entire life. This past year I obtained my heavy duty mechanic red seal at NAIT, and work alongside my family in town. Although I am new to municipal politics, I am looking to start being a bigger part of the community and see the process within the municipal government. I am eager to bring a new perspective to the table and make a difference for the community working alongside the other councillors.

    Email: chad.cloutier@outlook.com

    Jamaly, Murtaza - Incumbent

    I was born in Edmonton AB, shortly after my parents emigrated from Tanzania. I grew up in the Town of Westlock; leaving for a short period to pursue an education in Economics and Political Science at the University of Alberta.

    Upon completing my degree, I started a small IT company in Westlock servicing businesses from around the province. In 2018, we opened another computer and electronics repair store in Edmonton to complement our walk-in repair service in Westlock. In 2019, we merged with another IT firm in Edmonton. Today, our business provides IT, web, and marketing solutions to businesses across the country.

    I began volunteering for the Town of Westlock on the Municipal Planning Commission prior to running in a by-election for the position of councillor in 2015. Through community support, I was successful in 2015, and was re-elected in 2017 in the general Municipal election.

    Over the years I’ve served on several volunteer boards including: CONEX, the Westlock Child Care Society, and volunteered in various capacities on provincial political campaigns. Additionally, I’ve spent time volunteering at Smithfield and Pembina Lodge providing computer classes to the residents. As of 2021, I continue my goal of serving the Town of Westlock and being part of this great community in a positive and productive way.

    Email: murtaza@jamaly.ca

    Keyes, Abby

    Abby Keyes has been involved in the community of Westlock over the past five years. She is VP of the Friends of the Westlock Library, VP of Canadian Parents for French Westlock Chapter, and VP of Westlock Elementary School Parents Council. Through her efforts Little Libraries have been placed in the pool and Spirit Centre, started a monthly French Family Fun Night at the Westlock Public Library, and ran Westlock Flock Improv club at RF Staples where they competed at Northern Alberta Improv League at the Citadel theatre in Edmonton.

    Keyes is passionate about being the voice of families and children. Keyes is presently working on her second degree as an Elementary School Educator through the University of Alberta. 

    Keyes will speak her mind, especially if statistics support the reasoning. Graduating from the University of Lethbridge, majoring in Sociology, she knows seeking social trends and using statistics from the taxpayers is the best way to sustain growth and keep those living in Westlock happy. 

    Her drive for politics is all about bringing people together and she believes there should be more collaboration between businesses and organizations. Keyes has started a YouTube channel featuring 21 different organizations/businesses in the Westlock area called, “My Westlock”.

    Keyes campaign is straight-forward, achievable, and involves the following four elements:

    1) Transparency & Accountability 

    2) Increasing Social Capital & Sustainable Growth

    3) Positive Town Image 

    4) Using Data to Support Decisions

    These are all things Abby Keyes is confident she can assist council with when elected.

    Email: abby.keyes@gmail.com

    Kramer, Jon

    Westlock has been “home” for my wife and I since 2004. From the very beginning, this community embraced us and provided us with an opportunity to build a life. My desire is to give back and contribute in ways that will encourage our municipality to be strong, safe and viable. Throughout my first 10 years as a resident of Westlock, I served as the Associate Pastor at the Alliance Church. In 2014 I transitioned into being the primary, at-home care-giver for our two daughters (currently ages 8 and 10). My recent move back into the workforce has seen me take on a couple new part-time roles: Alberta Marriage Commissioner and Program Assistant at Westlock Elementary.

    Volunteer-wise, I have been heavily involved in youth sports throughout the years - coaching football, Jr. High basketball, and summer swim club. Beyond athletics, I have experience serving with the Westlock CONEX committee as well as the Alliance Church board.

    To me, the essence of municipal politics is simply asking: How do we arrange our shared, common life together? What decisions can we make that will give our people the greatest opportunity possible to flourish? In this regard, I have a deep appreciation and respect for the work that our Town Admin and Council have accomplished in these past years. If the community would like to have me serve alongside of them in this capacity, the role of a Town Councillor is one that I will gladly take on.

    Email: coachjon@mac.com

    Lussier, Brenda 

    My family has been living in the town of Westlock for 91+ years. My grandfather purchased land from William Westgate. 1976 my family joined my grandpa on this farm. My husband and I have raised 3 children in the town of Westlock.

    I have a deep rooted passion for this community as I have watched it grow throughout the decades. I want to direct those roots and passion into helping realize a vision of a sustainable, family friendly community.

    25 years as a healthcare worker in Westlock, working with the seniors and disabled has caused me to reflect on how we can better serve our most vulnerable community members.

    The role of the healthcare worker includes advocacy. A skill I have honed, and one I do not intend to give up.

    I will work tirelessly to fulfill the need, and improve the lives of those living here both through community projects, and working collaboratively with my fellow councillors.

    volunteering as the voice of my coworkers on the workplace health and safety committee.

    Vice President at the Westlock Community Garden, where I am responsible for holding effective meetings alongside the President and maintaining the garden grounds.

    Wecan-non profit organization duties are to help sort food into baskets and handing them out.

    I am extremely proud to be a long time citizen, and would be honored to serve the citizens of Westlock as Town Councillor.

    Email: brendalussier1@gmail.com

    Morie, Laura

    Laura Morie grew up in Westlock and was a small business owner working as a Financial Consultant for 22 years until 2020. Today she owns a production company that helps build and distribute online content. 

    For the past two decades, in Westlock and beyond, she has been an avid volunteer in a number of roles. Laura says, “Volunteering is voting everyday for the kind of community you want to live in.” She has extensive board and governance experience and has served in many leadership capacities within her volunteer roles both locally and provincially. 

    Laura believes that great communities grow and are built deliberately and strategically with a future ready focus. Laura feels very fortunate to have grown up in this town, with incredible leaders as role models, who invested in and were inspired to build community. She feels strongly that community growth and innovation come from great ideas combined with good governance and execution.  If elected, she will use her skills, experience and enthusiasm to serve the community she loves. 

    Laura is a mother of two boys, an amateur chef, a writer, and developer of leadership courses; her interests also include volunteering, especially in youth leadership.

    Email: lauramorie@outlook.com

    Snell, Curtis - Incumbent

    My wife and I moved to Westlock in 1993 to raise our family. I have enjoyed being active in the community over the years, serving as the president of the Westlock Thunderbirds Football program, as well as coaching hockey and lacrosse. Westlock in my opinion has some of the best recreation and health care facilities in the province and has a vibrant core of businesses that provide us with the services we require.  Most of all, we love the small-town atmosphere and the relationships we have built within this community.

    Over the past 2 terms serving on council, I have appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with fellow council members, town administration, and residents to make Westlock an even better community to live in. The diversity of skill sets on town council have allowed us to accomplish many great things over the past 8 years.  

    The Town of Westlock has weathered the downturn in the economy caused by oil markets, several tough years in the agriculture industry, and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe this is because of a solid strategic plan, an ambitious infrastructure program, and a fiscally responsible financial management approach that were put in place by the current Council. 

    The next 4 years will bring on new challenges and opportunities for the Town of Westlock. With your support, I would like to continue to be a part of overcoming those challenges in an effort to continue diversifying and expanding our community.

    Email: tcbcurbappeal@gmail.com

    Wold, Randy - Incumbent

    Randy Wold was born and raised in Westlock. He and his wife Tina have 3 children, who were also born in Westlock and 9 grand children.

    Randy spent 14 years in the construction business as a Project Administrator and Operations Controller in Alberta, Manitoba and in NWT. His last 15 years were with Westlock GM as the Business Manager.

    His commitment to Community has been well demonstrated, with his involvement on the Board with Westlock Minor Hockey and the Westlock Golf Club. He has spent almost 18 years with the Westlock Rotary Club, most of the time being on the Executive and has served as President. He was also on the Board of Directors for Westlock Terminals as a Director and 2 years as the Chairman of the Board.

    Following the Strategic Plan that has been developed, replacing aging infrastructure using the GIS program as as guide and being fiscally responsible is his goal. Randy believes in Westlock and it’s long term success.

    Email: randwold@yahoo.ca