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    Westlock Powers Up with New Electric Vehicle Chargers!

    Bringing Sustainable Energy to Our Community

    A Milestone Achievement

    Westlock is excited to announce the installation of three state-of-the-art Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, available 24/7 to the public. This project, a significant leap towards sustainable development, has been realized through a grant from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC) under its Electric Vehicle Charging Program (EVCP).

    Strategic Locations for Maximum Benefit

    These locations were chosen to enhance the convenience for EV users and to encourage exploration of our town's vibrant recreational areas, bustling downtown, and the municipal library.

    Diverse Charging Options

    Level Three Fast Charger at Rotary Spirit Centre: Ideal for quick charging needs. Charging rate: $20/hour.

    Level Two Chargers at Heritage Building and Aquatic Centre: Perfect for longer visits. Charging rate: $2/hour.

    Our Commitment to a Greener Future

    This initiative reflects Westlock's dedication to sustainable development and reducing our environmental footprint. We thank the MCCAC for their support and look forward to future collaborations.