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    Heritage Building Washroom Renovation

    10007-100 Avenue, Westlock, AB

    Project Description: The build will include, but not limited to construction of office space, kitchenette, bathrooms, meeting and storage space and will be the new home to the Westlock & District FCSS. 

    Grants, Funding Source: Funding approved through 2020-2024 Capital Plan. 

    Partners: Province of Alberta, County of Westlock, Village of Clyde

    Impacts: There are no perceived impacts to traffic or parking. Accessibility to public washrooms will be limited due to construction planning, one side will remain open as well as the centre washroom while the other side is renovated. The completed project will further modernize the ageing structure and activate the Heritage Building as a social hub. 

    Anticipated Start Date: January 209, 2021

    Anticipated Completion Date: June 30, 2021

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    Department Contact: Community Services Director or Building Maintenance