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    Subdivision and Consolidation Subdivision and/or consolidation of properties is a requirement in order to change the boundaries of a parcel(s) of land.
    The subdivision process is initiated by applying to the Town of Westlock and submitting the required documentation and fees. Contact the Planning & Development Department for assistance.
    A homeowner might apply for subdivision where:
    • A boundary adjustment is desired and the owners of both affected properties are in agreement;
    • The owner wishes to split two or more separate properties into separate titles where two or more properties are on the same title and the subdivision was registered at Alberta Land Titles prior to 1950;
    • The owner wishes to split a parcel into one or more new parcels and all of the resulting parcels would comply with the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw respecting minimum lot size.
    Subdivisions are subject to the requirements of the Municipal Government Act, Subdivision and Development Regulations, Land Use Bylaw, Municipal Development Plan and other legislation and regulations.
    Consolidation might be requested where an owner has two or more adjacent properties and wishes to combine them to accommodate a development or sale of the property.