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    The purpose of the Land Use Bylaw is to regulate and control the use and development of land and buildings within the Town of Westlock to achieve the orderly and economic development of land. Rezoning or application for change of land district will require an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw.
    For that purpose, among other matters, the bylaw:
    1. Divides the town into districts;
    2. Prescribes and regulates the purposes for which land and buildings may be used in each district;
    3. Establishes a method of making decisions on applications for development permits and issuing development permits;
    4. Provides the manner in which notice of the issuance of a development permit is to be given; and
    5. Prescribes and regulates standards for signs and off-road parking.
    The Planning & Development Department is responsible for administering the Land Use Bylaw and assisting applicants through the permit process. Please contact us for assistance with your development and Land Use Bylaw related inquiries.

    Call us: 780-349-4444
    Email us: planning@westlock.ca
    In-Person: 10003-106 Street, Westlock, AB