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Message from the Fire Chief

Welcome to the Town of Westlock Fire & Rescue Department web page. On behalf of the men and women of the department, it is our genuine desire that you will find our website most informative.

Our primary mission is to provide fire protection services and education programs to protect the lives and property of the residents in the municipality of the Town of Westlock from the adverse effects of fires, medical emergencies or exposures to dangerous situations/conditions created by man or nature.
We are able to accomplish our mission through the dedication of our professionally trained volunteer members committed to providing excellent service to our community and to making a difference in the lives of the people we serve. We take pride in our service delivery and we use our training and skills to assist our residents, business partners and visitors on an average 160 calls for service per year.

Our services have broadened over the years and our ability to respond to a variety of incidents speaks volumes of our desire to serve. We continue to evaluate the needs of the community and seek solutions to improved service.
The valued partnerships that we have established over the years with our mutual aid partners, AHS Emergency Medical Services, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police combined with the commitment and dedication to excellence in training ensure that our response to assist the residents of Westlock exceeds expectations.

The Town of Westlock Fire & Rescue Department is well positioned to accept new challenges that may arise and will face them with the steadfast determination that has become the Town’s trademark – A Community with Spirit!

Stuart Koflick, Fire Chief
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know if there is a fire ban in the Town or County of Westlock?

A. Information on Fire Restrictions or Bans are posted on the Town’s website, Facebook page, and at Westlock County information can be found HERE.

Q. How can I become a volunteer firefighter?
A. We are currently recruiting for volunteer firefighters. An information and application package can be found HERE.

Q. Do I need a fire permit? How do I get one?
A. Open fires are not permitted in residential areas. An information and application package for a Fire permit can be found HERE.

Q. Can I have a fire pit in my back yard?
A. Yes. Fire pits must meet the requirements of Fire Prevention Bylaw 2015-07. An information and application package is available HERE. There is a 1-time fee of $25.00 for a residential fire pit permit.

Q. I live in Westlock County – who do I call for fire concerns?
A. Westlock County provides Fire Services outside the corporate boundaries of Town of Westlock. Their information can be found HERE.
Q. Is there a fee for fire suppression, tours/education or rescue services?
A. Fire suppression services, medical first-response, fire station tours and fire safety education is provided through municipal taxes.

Bylaw 2016-08 allows for fees to be charged for responses to vehicle collisions, false alarms, spills or leaks of dangerous goods, and commercial fire inspection services.

Q. What Types of Fire Services are offered?
A. Firefighters are trained to NFPA 1001: Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications.

The Westlock Fire Department is trained and equipped to provide:
Q. Can I buy or sell fireworks in the Town of Westlock?
A. Yes. Fireworks are regulated under Bylaw 2010-17. An information and application package is available HERE. Fees are charged for a permit to allow the Storage, Display and Sale of Fireworks.

Q. What should I be doing to protect my home and family from fire or poisonous gas?
A. Residential fire safety information is available from the Office of the Fire Commissioner – click HERE.


The Westlock Fire Department is currently accepting applications for the position of volunteer firefighter.

For Recruiting Information Package and Volunteer Firefighting Factsheet - click HERE.

For further details, please contact Stuart Koflick at 780-350-2114

The Town of Westlock Fire Department was happy to participate in an ongoing volunteer firefighter recruitment and retention initiative for the province of Alberta.  This segment aired on Alberta Prime Time on March 11, 2015.
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