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Municipal Enforcement

The Town of Westlock places high value on the safety and security of its residents and visitors.  In this effort the Town employs Community Peace Officers to handle a variety of situations and concerns that arise.  Community Peace Officers are responsible for enforcing bylaws, investigating complaints, and patrolling the community.  The Community Peace Officers are provincially appointed through the Alberta Solicitor General.

Municipal Enforcement Available 24/7

The best way to file a complaint or inform the Municipal Enforcement Department about any issues is to fill out our online report.  A Peace Officer will response to an online complaint within 48 hours.

Animal Control

Emergency situations in which any human could be harmed by an animal, an animal is wandering in traffic, or a vicious animal is at large immediately contact the Municipal Enforcement Department (780-350-2107).  If you are unable to contact Municipal Enforcement, please contact the Westlock RCMP (780-349-4491).  An animal at large does not constitute an emergency.  Any dog found after hours can be taken to the Westlock Veterinary Centre (780-349-3663).

Helmet Survey

The Government of Alberta has launched online surveys to hear from Albertans about rules for helmet use for off-highway vehicle riders on public land and penalties for excessive speeding.  The feedback from Albertans will help inform decisions to increase safety and decrease transportation-related injuries and deaths.

Individual Albertans are invited to respond to the survey available at Traffic Safety Act – Off Highway Survey.


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